Senior Research Fellow Yuki TATSUMI


  • Japanese foreign and national security policy
    US-Japan alliance
    US national security and defense policy toward Asia

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  • 1996.05 Master of Arts, International Relations, The Paul H Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
  • 1993.03 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, International Christian University


  • 2018.03 - present Co-Director, East Asia Program, Stimosn Center
  • 2017.03 - present Director, Japan Program, Stimson Center
  • 2012.01 - present Senior Research Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • 2011.01 - 2011.12 Research Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • 2009.04 - 2010.12 Visiting Fellow, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • 2004.06 - 2008.08 Research Fellow, Stimson Center
  • 2001.08 - 2004.02 Research Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • 2000.01 - 2001.07 Research Associate, Stimson Center
  • 1996.09 - 1999.10 Special Assistant for Political Affairs, Embassy of Japan, Washington, DC USA


  • Key Challenges in Japan's Defense Policy (Stimson Center, March 2020)
  • China-Russia Security Cooperation: Implications for Japan (National Bureau of Asian Research, May 30, 2019)
  • International disaster response: Rebalancing the Quad? (Stimson Center, March 2019)
  • Balancing Between Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Views from the Next Generation (Stimson Center, 2018)
  • Lost In Translation? U.S. Defense Innovation and Northeast Asia (Stimson Center, 2017)
  • Japan and Peacebuilding:Views from the Next Generation (Stimson Center 2017)
  • Japan as a Peace Enabler: Views from the Next Generation (Stimosn Center, 2016)
  • US-Japan-Australia Security Cooperation: Prospects and Challenges (Stimson Center, 2015)
  • Japan's Global Diplomacy: Views from the Next Generation (Stimson Center, 2015)
  • Japan's Foreign Policy Challenges in East Asia: Views from the Next Generation (Stimson Center, 2014)
  • Opportunity out of Necessity: The Impact of US Defense Budget Cuts on the US-Japan Alliance (Stimson Center 2013)
  • The New Nuclear Agenda: Prospects for US-Japan Cooperation (Stimson Center, 2012)
  • North Korea: Challenge for the US-Japan Alliance (Stimson Center, March 2011)
  • Global Security Watch: Japan (co-author) (Praeger Publishers, September 2010)
  • Japan's National Security Infrastructure: Can Tokyo Meet Washington's Expectation? (Stimson Center, 2008)
  • Strategic Yet Strained: US Force Realignment in Japan and its Effects on Okinawa (editor and contributor) (Stimson Center, 2008)
  • Japan's National Defense Establishment: Institutions, Capabilities and Implications (editor and contributor) (Stimson Center, 2007)


  • "Japan's approach to terrorism" Asian Conflicts Report, Spring 2016 (Geneva Center for Security Policy)
  • "Japan Under DPJ Rule: The Costs for Overemphasizing Polical Leadership" (Harvard International Review, Winter 2013)
  • "Great East Japan Earthquake: Lessons Learned for Japan's Defense Posture" (Asia-Pacific Review, November 2012)
  • “A Short-Term Challenge to the US-Japan Alliance Putting its Long-Term Health at Risk” Asia Policy Number 10 (July 2010) pp. 35-42.
  • “US foreign policy and the role and the function of think tanks” (co-author) Kokusai Mondai, October 2008
  • “Japan's public diplomacy study: how to effectively communicate information in national interest” (co-author) Tokyo Foundation 2007


  • [Professional Memberships]
  • 2012 Awarded the Letter or Appreciation by Minister of State for National Policy for "Passion wihtout borders" initiative
  • 2009 Recipient of the 5th Yasuhiro Nakasone Award Incentive Award
  • 2006.09 Testimony in front of House Committee on International Relations, US Congress