Research Director Kumiko OKAZAKI


  • Chinese Economy and Financial System Reform in China



  • Jan.-Dec. 1993 Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Sept.1982-Aug.1983 Beijing Language Institute
  • Mar. 1984 Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (B.A., Chinese Studies Department)


  • Apr. 2016 Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • Sept. 2014 Senior Economist, International Department, Bank of Japan
  • Sept. 2011 Senior Economist, International Department, and seconded to the People's Bank of China Shanghai Head Office (from Oct 2011 to Aug 2014)
  • Oct. 2007 Senior Economist, Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan
  • Apr. 2006 International Visiting Fellow, Center for Asia and Pcific Policy, RAND Corporation (USA)
  • Mar. 2003 Deputy Director, Planning and Coordination Division, International Department, Bank of Japan
  • Mar. 2001 Researcher, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • May 1997 Deputy Chief Representative in Asia and Oceania (Hong Kong), Bank of Japan
  • Apr. 1984 Joined the Bank of Japan


  • "Macro-financial linkage and financial deepening in China” (with Tomoyuki Fukumoto), Akira Kohsaka ed., Macro-Financial Linkages in the Pacific Region


  • "Banking System Reform in China: The Challenges of Improving its Efficiency in Serving the Real Economy", Asian Economic Policy Review Volume 12 Issue 2 July 2017
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  • "Banking System Reform in China: The Challenges to Moving Toward a Market-Oriented Economy," RAND Corporation Occasional Paper 194(2007)