International Research Fellow Kenji Kushida


Kenji Kushida

  • Japan Program Research Scholar, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University
  • Project Leader, Stanford Silicon Valley - New Japan Project
  • Research Affiliate, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
  • [Research Themes]


    • Political Economy, Information Technology, Politics



    • 2010.8 University of California Berkeley, PhD in Political Science
    • 2003.6 Stanford University, MA in East Asian Studies
    • 2001.6 Stanford University, BA in Economics, BA in East Asian Studies


    • 2014.8 - Present Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Japan Program Research Associate
    • 2011.7-2014.8 Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Takahashi Research Associate
    • 2010.9-2011.6 Stanford University Shorenstein APARC Postdoctoral Fellow


    • “Cloud Computing: From Scarcity to Abundance.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 15(1): 5-19. 2015. (With Jonathan Murray, and John Zysman.)

    • “The Politics of Commoditization in Global ICT Industries: A Political Economy Explanation of The Rise of Apple, Google, and Industry Disruptors.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 15(1), 49-67. 2015.

    • “The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the DPJ: Leadership, Structure, and Information Challenges During the Crisis.” Japanese Political Economy 40

    • “Public-Private Interplay for Next Generation Access Networks: Lessons and Warnings from Japan’s Broadband Success.” Communications & Strategies 91: 13-34. 2013.

    • “Syncretism: The Politics of Japan’s Financial Reforms.” Socio-Economic Review. 11(2) doi:10.1093/ser/mwt003. 2013. (With Kay Shimizu)

    • “The Gathering Storm: Analyzing the Cloud Computing Ecosystem and Implications for Public Policy.” Communications and Strategies. (85): 63-85.

    • “Entrepreneurship in Japan’s ICT Sector: Opportunities and Protection from Japan’s Regulatory Regime Shift.” Social Science Japan Journal 15(1): 3-30. 2012. (Awarded best article in SSJJ for 2012)

    • “Leading without Followers: How Politics and Market Dynamics Trapped Innovations in Japan's Domestic Telecommunications Sector.” Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. 11(3): 279-307. 2011.


    • “The Silicon Valley Economic Ecosystem: A Strategic Overview.” Stanford Silicon Valley – New Japan Project Report Series. 2015.

    • “The Next Epoch in Cloud Computing: Implications for Integrated Research and Innovation Strategy.” (with Jonathan Murray, Patrick Scaglia, and John Zysman) BRIE Working Paper, no. 2014-4 (2014).


    • Baikaruchaa to Nihonjin: Sekai ga Hoshigaru Guroobaru Jinzai e no Michiバイカルチャーと日本人:世界が欲しがるグローバル人材への道 [Biculturalism and the Japanese: The Road Towards Globally Attractive Professionals]. Tokyo, Amazon Kindle. 2015. (With Makiko Oku)

    • Intaanashonaru Sukuuru no Sekai インターナショナルスクールの世界[The World of International Schools]. Tokyo, Amazon Kindle. 2013