Research Director Daisuke KOTEGAWA


  • Social and Economics Analysis and Networking amongst BRICS and South-East Asian countries

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  • 1979 MBA, Stanford University
  • 1975 BA in Law, The University of Tokyo


  • 2020- Dea and President of Oita Prefectural College of Atrs and Culture
  • 2018- Director of Asian Economic Center of National University of St. Petersburg
  • 2016- Visiting Professor of Moscow National University
  • 2011- Research Director, The Canon Institute for Global Studies
  • Special Advisor, Asia Forum Japan
  • 2007-2010 Executive Director for Japan, IMF
  • Chaired the last meeting of NAB which raised $ 600 B, Various measures to deal with world economic crisis, Unprecedented Budget and Personnel Cut
  • 2006 Deputy Director-General, Finance Bureau, MOF
  • Drafting of FY2007 Government Loan & Investment Program, Securitization of Government Loans, Prepayment of Government Loans by Local Governments
  • 2005 Director-General, Kanto Regional Finance Bureau, MOF
  • Supervision of Financial Institutions in 10 Prefectures including Tokyo
  • 2004 Deputy Director-General, International Bureau, MOF
  • In Charge of Asia, Doubling of Chiang-Mai Initiative
  • 2003 Deputy Director-General, Minister's Secretariat, MOF
  • External Relations, Policy Appraisal
  • 2002 Deputy Director-General, Project Team to Establish Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
  • 2001 Counselor, Minister's Secretariat, MOF
  • Financial Systems and Policy Appraisal
  • 2000 Director, Coordination Division, Tax Bureau, MOF
  • 1999 Counselor, Supervisory Department, FSA
  • Sanctions on CSFP, Nichiei Consumer Loan Company, Y2K
  • 1998 Director, Coordination Division, Supervisory Department, FSA
  • Nationalization of LTCB, NSB
  • 1996 Director, Securities Business Division, Securities Bureau, MOF

  • "Big-Bang", Closure of Yamaichi Securities, Sanyo Securities
  • 1994 Director, International Tax Affairs Division, Tax Bureau, MOF
  • Vice Chairman of the OECD Committee on Fiscal Affairs, OECD Guidelines on Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties with France, Mexico, Vietnam and South Africa
  • 1993 Director, Office of Coordination, International Finance Bureau, MOF
  • US-Japan Framework Consultation, WTO Negotiation on Financial Services
  • 1991 Deputy Vice Governor, Yamagata Prefecture
  • 1989 Deputy Director, First Investment Division, Finance Bureau, MOF
  • Drafting of Investment & Loan Programs, US-Japan Negotiation on the Structural Impediments Initiatives
  • 1987 Deputy Budget Examiner, Budget Bureau, MOF
  • Budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ODA, Third Package of Yen-Loans to China, Mid-Term ODA Doubling Plan
  • 1984 Senior Financial Economist, Financial Policy & Analysis Department, The World Bank
  • IDA9 Negotiation, Designing New Financial Products
  • 1982 Deputy Director, First Investment Division, International Finance Bureau, MOF
  • IDA8 Negotiation, IBRD Capital Increase, Yen-$ Committee
  • 1981 Director, SUWA Tax Office
  • 1975 Joined the Ministry of Finance


  • (With other staff of Japanese Government including Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda)
  • Kokusai Koushou (International Negotiations) Tokyo, 1996