October 3, 2016, 15:00-17:00  Venue:CIGS Meeting Room3

Professor Anthony Saich Seminar "What Does General Secretary Xi Jinping Dream About?"

The Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) hosted a seminar on October 3, 2016 inviting Professor Anthony Saich from Harvard Kennedy School.

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(Prof. Saich, Mr. Kurihara from the left)

Seminar outline
Title: "What Does General Secretary Xi Jinping Dream About?"
Speaker: Anthony Saich, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, CIGS
Moderator: Jun Kurihara, Research Director, CIGS


Presentation by Professor SaichPDF:1369KB

Summary of speech and Q&A

Summary of speech and Q&APDF:254KB

Abstract of the Speech
Significant differences exist among policy-makers and analysts concerning China's future direction. In this discussion, Professor Tony Saich will focus on three questions. First, what is President Xi Jinping's policy objective and how successful has he been in realizing his program? Second, what is the growth potential of the Chinese economy? And third, based on these analyses what are the differing proposals within the US for dealing with China's future trajectory?

Speaker's profile
Anthony Saich (Distinguished Visiting Scholar, CIGS)
At the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), he serves as a professor of international affairs, director of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation and of the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, and Faculty Chair of the China Programs.
He is active in the broader Harvard community, serving as a committee member of the Harvard Council on Asian Studies, and a steering committee member of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative and the Harvard China Fund.
Outside Harvard, he has important positions including Chair, Board of Trustees, China Medical Board (CMB) and a board member of the National Committee on US-China Relations and of AMC Entertainment Inc.