October 16, 2015, 10:00-11:30  Venue:CIGS Meeting Room3

Members from US Young Researchers Invitation Program visited CIGS

The KAKEHASHI Project is a fully-funded, large-scale youth exchange program between Japan and the United States, which is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. In this project, young researchers from US are invited to Japan and visited to selected places and destinations. CIGS was selected as an institution to visit. 18 researchers from 2 organizations in US (National Economists Club and Congressional Research Services) visited CIGS and held a meeting on October 16, 2015. From CIGS, Mr. Horii, Special Advisor and a member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Matsuyama, Research Director, Mr. Yamashita, Research Director and Mr. Jimbo, Senior Research Fellow, joined the meeting. They gave opinions on some topics to the visitors and had a lively discussion on various areas such as Japanese economy, aging and healthcare reform, TPP and agriculture policy and national security.

151016_zentai_photo.JPG  151016_zentai2_photo.JPG  151016_wakate_photo.JPG  151016_wakate2_photo.JPG

151016_horii_photo.JPG  151016_matsuyama_photo.JPG  151016_yamashita_photo.JPG  151016_jimbo_photo.JPG
  (Mr. Horii, Mr. Matsuyama, Mr. Yamashita, Mr. Jimbo from the left)