November 13, 2014, 10:30-11:30  Venue:CIGS Meeting Room3

U.S. and Energy Policy: A Post-Election Analysis

On November 13, 2014, the CIGS invited Mr. Douglas J. Bergner, President, and Mr. Ian C. Graig, Chief Executive from Global Policy Group (GPG), a consulting firm in Washington D.C. Latest information and insights on the U.S. Climate Action Plan and the nation's energy policy was shared with Japanese experts.

141113_Bergner_photo.jpg  141113_Graig_photo.jpg  141113_zentai_photo.jpg
(Mr. Douglas J. Bergner, Mr. Ian C. Graig from the left)

Seminar outline
Title:"U.S. and Energy Policy: A Post-Election Analysis"
Speaker:Douglas J. Bergner, President, Global Policy Group Inc.
      Ian C. Graig, Chief Executive, Global Policy Group Inc.

Presentation outline
1. The U.S. midterm elections
2. The Climate Action Plan
3. New global climate engagement by the U.S.
4. A new focus on adaptation
5. U.S. business and climate change
6. U.S. energy policy and the energy "revolution"