July 15, 2014 (Tuesday) 13:30-18:10  Venue:Ito Hall at the University of Tokyo (7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

International Symposium "Towards a New Global Economic Order - Which implications for firms, workers, and governments?

 In the wake of the global crisis, a process of negotiation of region-wide free trade agreements (FTAs) has taken place and is currently accelerating with a number of projects such as TPP, EU-Japan FTA, EU-US FTA, among many others. This process is partly in continuity with previous bilateral FTAs and takes place in a broader framework of free trade defined by the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is a rupture because not only of the scale and comprehensive nature but also of its definition of a new international division of labour.
 The purpose of this symposium is to analyse the prospects of this trend for Japanese and European economies from the viewpoints of businesses, workers and governments. Businesses may enjoy great benefits, which should not lead us to ignore the worries and fears of some workers, for this change in economic environment may give an asymmetrical impact on incomes distributions. These new conditions of international trade and investment will also have implications for domestic policies both macro and micro levels as well as international policy coordination.
 Academics, business people and policy makers from Japan, Germany and France met in Tokyo to discuss these topics of today.


The Canon Institute for Global Studies, Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS

With the support of

Banque de France, French Embassy in Japan, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, The Ecole des hautes etudes
en sciences sociales (EHESS), Nikkei Inc., Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Opening Remarks

Keynote Speech

  • Koji Tsuruoka
    Ambassador, Representative of the Government of Japan,
    Chief Negotiator for the TPP, Cabinet Secretariat

    The script by Mr. Koji Tsuruoka(PDF:93KB)

Roundtable 1: Which benefits and risks for firms?

  • How will businesses take advantages of new international trade frameworks including TPP, EU-Japan ETA, etc.? What kind of risks will businesses face?

    Moderator: Yoichi Takita (Senior Staff Writer, Nikkei Inc.)
    Japan: Yoshiaki Fujimori (President & CEO, LIXIL Group Corporation)
          Kazumasa Kusaka (Chairman & CEO, The Japan Economic Foundation & Advisor, The Canon Institute for Global
    Europe: Izumi Hamada (Head of Government Affairs, Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd.)
          Martin Tonko (Partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants)

     Mr. Takita

    20140715_fujimori_photo.jpg 20140715_kusaka_photo.jpg 20140715_hamada_photo.jpg 140715_tonko_photo.jpg
     Mr. Fujimori, Mr. Kusaka, Ms. Hamada, Mr. Tonko from the left

    The summary of Roundtable 1(PDF:78KB)
    The presentation by Mr. Kusaka (PDF:1.21MB)
    The presentation by Mr. Tonko (PDF:969KB)

Roundtable 2: Do some workers have to worry about the new global economic order?

  • What implications does the new global economic order have on the labour market in industrial countries as well as emerging economies?

    Moderator: Franz Waldenberger (Professor, Japan Center and the Munich School of Management of Munich University)
    Japan: Fukunari Kimura (Professor, Keio University & Chief Economist, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East
         Kotaro Tsuru (Professor, Keio University)
    Europe: Sebastien Lechevalier (Founder, EHESS日仏財団 & Associate Professor, EHESS)

    20140715_waldenberger_photo.jpg 140715_kimura_photo.jpg 140715_turu_photo.jpg 140715_lechevalier_photo.jpg
     Prof. Waldenberger, Prof. Kimura, Prof. Tsuru, Associate Prof. Lechevalier from the left

    The summary of Roundtable 2 (PDF:63KB)
    The presentation by Mr. Kimura(PDF:2.5MB)
    The presentation by Mr. Tsuru(PDF:443KB)
    The presentation by Mr. Lechevalier(PDF:265KB)

Roundtable 3: Which principles and which degrees of liberty for economic policy?

  • Policy panel for better world economic order: to discuss implications for the international monetary system, competition policy, fiscal & taxation policy, etc.

    Moderator: Akinari Horii (Special Advisor & a member of the Board, The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
    Japan: Mitsuhiro Furusawa (Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Special Advisor to the Ministry of Finance)
          Hiroshi Yoshikawa (Professor, The University of Tokyo & Advisor, The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
    Europe: Anne Le Lorier (The First Vice Governor, Banque de France)
          Andreas Dombret (Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank)

     Mr. Horii

    140715_furusawa_photo.jpg 140715_yoshikawa_photo.jpg 140715_le_lorier_photo.jpg 20140715_dombret_photo.jpg
     Mr. Furusawa, Prof. Yoshikawa, Mr. Le Lorier, Mr. Dombret from left

    The summary of Roundtable 3(PDF:61KB)Addition
    The script by Mr. Furusawa(PDF:199KB)
    The presentation by Mr. Yoshikawa(PDF:627KB)
    The script by Ms. Le Lorier(PDF:139KB)Addition
    The script by Mr. Dombret(PDF:152KB)Addition

Closing Remarks