Professor Anthony Saich Seminar "The US Administration's Asia Policy" - Summary of Speech and Q&A

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The Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) hosted a seminar on November 15, 2016 inviting Professor Anthony Saich from Harvard Kennedy School. This is the summary of speech and Q&A.

Abstract of the Speech
After Election Day in the United States, the president-elect will have to deal with a number of issues in Asia centering on China. With China making a strong push in the region using incentives such as the development of the BRICs bank, the AIIB and One Belt-One Road and adopting a more assertive policy with respect to sovereignty, the new administration will have to decide whether to continue the previous policies of engagement or adopt a stronger approach to combat China's increasing influence. Is the divide between an economic Asia dominated by China and a security Asia dominated by the US a danger? What might the US do to ameliorate this situation? Will TPP be carried through and what are the consequences if the US pulls back? Is China wooing former allies of the US, such as Thailand and the Philippines away?

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Professor Anthony Saich Seminar "The US Administration's Asia Policy"

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