"Tokyo-Cambridge Gazette: Politico-Economic Commentaries" No.8 (November 11, 2011)

Whither Japan: Will Its Annus Horribilis Be Coming to An End Soon?:Post-quake Corporate Japan Needs Approaches to Revitalize Its Global Competitiveness

  • Jun Kurihara
  • Research Director
    Jun Kurihara
  • [Expertise]
    U.S. Information and Network

 Japan's economy is still in a dire state even after eight months have already passed since the dreadful March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake took place. In addition to historic damage caused by the Earthquake, the economy is facing five grave challenges--(1) electricity shortage, (2) a higher yen, (3) another natural disaster, i.e., historic floods in Thailand where an important node on Japan's production networks is located, (4) as-yet-unsettled global economic institutional arrangements, and (5) feeble demand both at home and abroad. This essay tries to capture a bird's eye view of post-quake Japan by examining the current economic condition and discussing the aforementioned five challenges which, with more robust and resilient supply chains, Corporate Japan is about to meet amidst relentless globalization. Under the current circumstances where Japan's annus horribilis is unlikely to come to an end shortly, Japanese firms are expected to be more innovative to survive intensified global competition...

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