Canon-Ifri Paper Series n°2, July 2011 "Restoring Health Care and Welfare Services after the Great East Japan Earthquake"

Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri) and the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) are launching a series of policy papers presenting the analyses of CIGS senior researchers on how the triple disasters that hit the archipelago last March have impacted Japan's economic, environmental and energy policies as well as country's crisis management system. This second paper shows how the Japanese health care system reacted to and was affected by the disaster of March 11th. It also presents the lessons learned from this episode and provides recommendations to improve the reactivity and efficiency of the system.
This essay is a slightly modified version, the original version of which is contributed to the joint report with the Development Bank of Japan Inc. titled "Plans and issues for the restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake."

Restoring Health Care and Welfare Services after the Great East Japan EarthquakePDF:664.4 KB

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