International Research Fellow John Seaman


John Seaman

Research Fellow, the Center for Asian Studies, the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri)



  • 2007.10 – 2009.06 Master of International Affairs, Institut d’Etudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)
  • 1999.09 – 2004.06 Bachelor of Arts, International Economics and French, Seattle University
  • 2002.08 – 2003.04 Beijing Center for Chinese Studies (NSEP David L. Boren Scholar)
  • 2001.01 – 2001.06 Université Stendhal, Grenoble III


    John Seaman is a Research Fellow in the Center for Asian Studies at the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) and an International Research Fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) in Tokyo. He is an energy and natural resource policy specialist with a focus on China. His most recent research deals with rare earth elements, the development of unconventional energy sources in China including advanced coal technologies and shale gas, and China’s broader energy security strategy.
    Mr. Seaman currently holds a Master of International Affairs - International Security from Sciences Po, Paris and a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics and French from Seattle University. He also studied as a NSEP David L. Boren Scholar at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies and has spent a number of years studying and working in both China and Japan.